Gorb the Half-Ogre Edit

"Don't make Avan angry!" ~Gorb

Gorb is a male Half-Ogre who resides on the mountain near Everbright village. Gorb dislikes the villagers of Everbright as he is shunned and hated by them. Gorb, out of anger, would steal and attack the village, prompting the people of Everbright to hire Rey the Paladin to protect them.

Rey apprehended Gorb and instead of slaying him, befriended him. Gorb loves and adores Rey, believing she's one of the strongest humans in the world.

Gorb shows a semblance of intelligence as he adheres to Rey's rules about approaching the village, and has a childish understanding of the god Avan.

After Rey's death Gorb became distraught and began to wander into Everbright village to attempt to un-bury Rey's corpse so she can be properly buried on "Avan's Mountain". Upon The Unexpectable's arrival in town, the villagers asked the party to dispatch the Half-Ogre as they mistook Gorb's understanding of Avan burial rites as an attempt to get revenge on Rey for keeping him from the village.

Since the party's return to Alivast, Gorb has been recruited into the Avan Clergy to become a Paladin. However, according to Stendin, Gorb seems to have trouble understanding orders given by men and is much more comfortable when directed by women.  To best use his gifts and minimize his limitations, Gorb has been assigned to work for a convent devoted to Avan with his prodigious strength.

Relationships Edit

Rey the Paladin Edit

Rey was Gorb's first friend. Gorb loved Rey will all of his heart, and still does.

The Unexpectables Edit

Gorb asked the party to retrieve Rey's stolen head from the "Thief" they were pursuing, so that he could conduct a proper burial. In return, Gorb gave the party a handful of magical items and trinkets.

Doros and Stendin Edit

Gorb was recruited by Doros and Stendin. Gorb seemed calm around the two paladins, probably due to them being able to speak in giant to him, and also being followers of Avan just like Rey.

Trivia Edit

  • Gorb had a house built on the moutain with the help of Rey. Due to the party luring out Gorb in the middle of the mountain, the party never saw Gorb's house
  • Gorb has a pet clockwork goldfish in a water-filled sphere. It appears to be his favourite gift given to him from Rey
  • Monty later revealed out of game that if the players had killed Gorb the climate of Everbright would have magically altered to a constant rain due to the universe reacting to the tragedy of the situation, causing the town to change its name to "Everrain".
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