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"Uuuhn!" ~Gregory

Gregory is a member of Avery's Gryphon Riders. A massive and handsome individual, it is not entirely clear how he joined the group. He is however a capable rider all the same. He first encountered The Unexpectables alongside his fellow Gryphon Riders when the group was spotted falling out of the sky.

Gregory's gryphon is named Francis, a breed exhibiting features of a cockatiel's crest and a potoo's bulging eyes. Francis appears to fit Gregory since the gryphon is similarly vain and showy, exhibiting a fear of mud.

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Gregory is almost painfully handsome and exceptionally vain. He possesses mirrors, combs, hair curlers, and a variety of items to keep his appearance in tip top shape even on the war front.

While he is perfectly capable of speaking, Gregory communicates mostly through nasal grunts because, in his mind, non-pretty people just aren't worth his words.

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Borky Edit

At one point Gregory saved Borky from falling to his death and ever since Borky has been attached to the hansom griffon rider.

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  • Remy accidentally cut off a large chunk of Gregory's blond locks in the confusion of airborn combat against a group of perytons. Gergory was devistated.
  • According to Monty, Gregory is the most gorgeous man in the world.

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