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"I don't get paid enough for this."

Grenelda is a Paladin of Avan and guard in the City of Alivast, holding the title of Lieutenant. She has black hair in a long hornet-sting ponytail, wears half-plate armor, and is seldom seen without a clipboard for paperwork.

In her first appearance she helped stop a chase/brawl between the United Clergy of Orun and The Unexpectables and has occasionally appeared since. She was the one who, upon the group's return to Alivast, dictated the entirety of their harrowing adventures in Canary Channel and reported it to the Council.

Personality Edit

Grenelda's personality has been described as "burdened with indifference" and she tends to avoid reacting with anything more than mild approval or mild annoyance to most situations. She is very no-nonsense and professional and incredibly efficient at paperwork.

She is not as kind to prisoners and miscontents as her boss, and is constantly annoyed with his insistence on "keeping" them.

Relationships Edit

Doros Edit

Doros is the commanding officer of Grenelda's squad. Prior to Brorc's Racial Inclusion Act she was unable to find work with the guard due to racism. Doros chose her to join his squad because he has a soft spot for outsiders, though she's grown tired of his insistence on being "soft" with people.

Borky Edit

Following the donkey-cart chase, Grenelda was Borky's arresting officer and was exasperated when he resisted arrest by going limp. She had to drag him along until Welch arrived to help carry the recalcitrant orc. Borky has called Grenelda an 'orc' which seems to annoy her since she corrected him immediately. She has since been quite suspicious of him.

Panic Edit

Grenelda's indifference leans towards distrust of the tiefling because of his flirty nature and propensity to promote the Sweet Dragon at (she thinks) inappropriate times.

Trivia Edit

  • Grenelda wants no more of Borky's nonsense, despite him having so much to give.
  • On her days off, Grenelda does carpentry and helps out her mother.
  • Her name is the result of MontyGlu getting tongue-tied while saying "granola"
  • Her last name was originally "Cliffcrusher" in an early version of Monty's notes.
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