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Groumuth is the god of creation (fabrication), architecture, the anvil, alcohol, and weapons.

Grommuth is part of the dwarven pantheon. Groumuth has celestials that represent his ideals, such as a celestial of alcohol (Bobaccus) and a celestial of molten iron.

Along with Livrosea, he is one of the progenitors of Oreyara.

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Groumuth Symbol fan art by Deedah

Groumuth Symbol fan art by Deedah

Groumuth worshippers aren't considered properly wed, unless one or both members of the marriage make their new home from scratch, or make a weapon for the other.

Dwarves celebrate a holiday in late spring called "Groumuth's Climb". In dwarven communities or cities dwarfs go mad cleaning the forges and anvils, and spend the day drinking to Groumuth, the dwarven god of the forge. The holiday celebrates "Groumuth's Climb" to rest his hammer for one day to drink his fill. It's said anything made on that day is cursed due to Groumuth's will not being present in the craft, so the dwarves drink. clean and party while Groumuth takes his break and drinks his godly fill.

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The temple of Groumuth in the High District is a massive, hangar-like structure filled with forges, workspaces, and dwarves drinking and working. When Hammergnar, and sometimes Solly are there working, they are the only non-dwarves present.

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  • Per MontyGlu, "...any Aasimar of the Groumuth pantheon (God of Dwarves) always has a kickass beard, because all the celestials under that pantheon wouldn't let a mortal with their touch be caught DEAD without the most kick ass dwarven beard possible, and yes, that includes female dwarven Aasimar."
  • Groumuth and Livrosea once fought over who would preside over crafting. Their dispute was solved when they collaborated on the creation of Oreyara.
  • Per a Q&A answer from MontyGlu, prosthetic limbs exist in the world and are more in Groumuth's domain than Oreyara's. They are also exceedingly expensive.
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