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"Halla at me!" ~ Halla

Halla is a female human monk who fought The Unexpectables in the Crimson Pit. She was hired by the same employer as Salvador, Vel Rock-Fist, and Silence and was the latest gladiator to be employed by him.

She was nonchalant about the fight and it can be inferred that she's either new to underground fighting or that she's simply comfortable seeming unprofessional.

She is from the Eastern Isle of Oreak and trained in the Open Palm school and is a master acrobat. Halla is not the most menacinjg fighte, but is still an expert at hand-to-hand combat.

Halla left her monk order because she grew bored with the static and regimented training method. She decided to strike out into the world so that she can "punch real people." She is keeping up her training in her own way and hopes to spread interest in her order through her feats.

During the festival, Halla used her acrobatic skills as a street performer with a routine of balancing and tumbling on the tops of vertical poles.

She's currently looking for work to make ends meet.

Relations Edit

Salvador, Vel Rock-Fist, and Silence Edit

Halla is an ally of these three, as they are all employed by the human who previously owned Hassrad's brother's knife. While they seem to fight well together, it is unknown whether or not their relationship is more than simply being employed by the same person.

Halla and Salvador did apparently take a job from the Quest Board together after their work in the Crimson Ring dried up and the pair often seems to visit The Sweet Dragon where Vel Rock-fist works.

The Unexpectables Edit

Halla has maintained a positive relationship with The Unexpectables after their pit fight and has since become a regular at their bar. She recently applied to a guard position at the establishment but was passed up in favor of Uromajister and his expertise in fire magic. During her inerview she asked Task to fire an arrow at her to demonstrate her ability to deflect missiles, but he hesitated and missed. Borky however had no qualms chucking a javelin her way as a secondary test.

Brother Edit

Halla's brother is the current leader of the monk order she trained at. Halla has made it her goal to best her brother at hand-to-hand combat and take over the order, but thus far has expressed little motivation to do so other than sibling-rivalry.

Trivia Edit

  • Halla has been known to hang out at the Sweet Dragon on occasion.
  • Halla was noticeably absent from the street performers at the Harvest Festival.
  • Halla recently took a job hunting gargoyle stragglers left by Dullmar.
  • According to Halla, she and Vel left The Underbelly out of fear of having to fight Tiengo.
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