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The Harvest Man is a celestial servant of the god Hoketh and is also known by other names, such as the Grim Reaper, Ethereal Guide, and Death, among others. The Harvest Man's purpose appears to be deciding which souls are ready to be removed from the mortal plain and which should not yet die. He is described as having spindly, spider-like legs, long robes and a face hidden in shadow.

Harvestman fan art by @Dark E Arts

Harvest Man fan art by @Dark_E_Arts

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Digsby Edit

Digsby has encountered the Harvest Man on two occasions, once when he lost / gained Armsby, and the second during a near-death experience in a Bugbear stronghold's kitchen in the far west reaches of Alivast. Both times the Harvest Man refused to take him. Digsby finds his encounters with the Harvest Man to be "necessary," but has not elaborated on his feelings beyond that point.

Aila Balton Edit

The Harvest Man is the celestial parent of Lady Aila.

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  • Harvest Man fan art by @RoSoryu
  • A young Aila and her celestial progenitor, The Harvest Man. Fan art by @nikkitsquare
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