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The Hellbent smugglers were a small group of criminals that moved stolen, controlled, and illegal goods in and out of Alivast. They were led by a yagnoloth that strung along his underlings with contracts that promised great rewards, but in fact kept the mortals bound to try and complete near impossible tasks.

They would move to a new base once one got too much attention or was otherwise compromised. For a while they were in the tunnels beneath the Barnacled Anchor, an abandoned dockside tavern that was made to appear active with enchantments. When the cult of Eltmur Loyalists was eliminated, the Hellbent Smugglers moved to the dwarven crypt beneath the Sweet Dragon.

They had several different types of business. They acted as middlemen for stolen goods, including several items that were stolen by the United Orun Clergy from The Unexpectables including, Copy Cutter, the Wind Fan, the Glass Hummingbird, and Gripples. They also sold scrolls with illegal necromancy spells made by Skulk. The worst of their business was in the traffic of human body parts for dark magical rituals, including hair and skin taken from the girl Cynthia. She was relatively fortunate compared to the others that were parted out for their vital organs and vials of blood.

The smuggling ring was broken up by an impromptu mercenary group contracted by The Unexpectables.

Leader Edit

The smugglers were a project of a yagnoloth to collect components and useful items for nefarious purposes. The yagnoloth kept his gang in line with contracts that seemed fairly simple, but proved difficult to fulfil. He had a canoloth guard beast. The yagnoloth used his teleportation ability to move goods and people in and out of the hidden lair with relative impunity. He was taken prisoner and has been magically imprisoned in Alivast. The Avan clergy and Nerasmun Collective have not been able to get any information from him on how he came to the city or who he might be working for.

Named Members Edit

  • Bonray and Clyde - a blue kobold who was the "brains" and a half-orc who was the brawn, working so that their comrade, Travis, can be brought back to life
  • Frank - a living statue promised that he would be made human again if he fulfilled his contract
  • Skulk - teenage drow necromancer, promised that if she made 10,000 necromancy scrolls that her mother would be brought back to life
  • Edgar, Alan, and Joe - barghests

Trivia Edit

  • The smuggling ring was broken up in a private one-shot that MontyGlu ran for some friends and was not recorded. The group consisted of:
    • Angus McCabe - a zealot barbarian, minotaur
    • White Eyes - a sun soul monk. red kobold
    • Argus Makariou - a pact of the chain warlock. human who had the Harvest Man as his patron
    • Cedric Anderson - an arcane archer fighter human
  • With a series of good rolls and over-the-top roleplay, the yuguloth leader was captured by having his small arm and penis manacled together with anti-magic manacles
  • The canoloth servant was beaten to death with his own spiked tongue. Barbarians, man.
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