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Also known as "The Grave of the Last Human's Stand," Hellmouth's Grave is the remains of a human stronghold which sits in the valleys far west of The City of Alivast and east of Fleur de Mort's Forest. The ground around it is littered with the half-buried skeletons of ancient human soldiers and Hellmouth Warriors. The ruins of the structures that once stood there are all collapsed, save for 3 towers that were once a set of four connected by walls. In an age long past, it was the site where a society of humans made their last stand against servants of the god Gnash. Though it seemed they were able to barely scrape by and claim victory, they were ambushed and killed by Raunfalt before they could regroup. When found by The Unexpectables, the site was plagued by restless spirits, but the group was able to appease them by raising their flags and ending the battle, bringing rest to the valley after an unknown period of turmoil.

Trivia Edit

  • This is where Digsby met and adopted Batsby.
  • A helmet, sword, and chestplate were stolen from Hellmouth's Grave. The helm once belonged to a halfling woman named Siduri and is currently held by Luistrog.
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