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Horus is a clerk who works one of the security gates leading into the Lower Districts of Alivast. He is a very prim and proper owl Kenku. He has also been seen working the gate leading to the Middle Clergy District.

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Horus is very rules-oriented and insists on proper procedures and accountability when performing his job.

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The Unexpectables Edit

Horus's second encounter with the party was when they attempted re-entry into Alivast alingside Digsby. When the seeds of Fleur de Mort they were carrying set off the magical contraband detectors, he called for Muidos as that type of item required her talents to dispose of. His third appearance was when they were following Brorc when he was escorting Azra Sahar to a neutral location to meet Solly. He refused entry to the party since they didn't have clearance to enter the Middle Clergy district at that time. When the party convinced Brorc to vouch for them, Horus made note that it would be recorded that Brorc was the one responsible for their behavior.

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