Background Edit

This humanoid mannequin of unknown origin was recovered from the corpses of giants who attacked Outreach Vineyard. Although he was found in rather poor condition and was missing an arm, Borky saw the potential for laying traps with the mannequin and gave him the name Hugh Mann in reference to his human-like appearance. Hugh traveled alongside The Unexpectables inside the Fanny-Pack of Holding into the far western reaches of Alivast, surviving encounters with Teethox, the ghosts of Hellmouth's Grave, and the wrath of Fleur de Mort. However, Hugh's time eventually came when the group encountered a small squad of Bugbears guarding a ruined keep. Hugh stood bravely on the front lines alongside Gripples and Armsby as bait to lure the enemy into a pit-fall trap. However, as time went on the plan fell apart and combat was initiated. In the confusion of combat, one of Greckles' kunai struck Hugh unaware, resulting in an accidental and untimely death. He was buried in a mass grave alongside the enemy, but his contributions shall be honored and his life remembered.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being robed in the garb of a Hoketh priest, Hugh expressed allegiance to Gripples while in combat. This implies he left his previous clergy for reasons his own.
  • Despite repeated instance from Monty that living beings couldn't survive inside the Fanny-Pack of Holding, Hugh managed to comfortably make a several-day long trip without reemerging.
  • Hugh is the only ally of the Unexpectables to be slain by a teammate.
  • Hugh’s voice is based on that of the Witchhunter Victor Saltzpyre from Warhammer: Vermintide, a game enjoyed by the cast.
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