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A small village south of Alivast, but north of Tendelheim.

It is surrounded by lush farmland, and consists of about a dozen or so households. It is surrounded by arrangements of rune stones that serve as a barrier to hostile fey creatures such as the hags that live in the nearby swamps.

The village lacks a formal leader, but the blacksmith Tony acted as a spokesman when the Unexpectables visited and takes them to the town hall where the residents meet. The residents are a tightly knit group despite being of different races and gather together to support each other in times of crisis such as the abduction of Anna's baby.

The village was being occupied by the hunter's of Monster's Culling who were attempting to capture and sell the changeling baby Thomas, but the combined efforts of the Unexpectables, Anje, and last minute intervention by The Underbelly drove them off.

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  • Anje's meadows are far enough from the village that the residents didn't know of his existence until told by The Unexpectables.
  • The town hall has a room that serves as a brewery.
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