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Iggy (Igmund Glawbrook) is a Lizardfolk who lives in the middle crafting district, with a penchant for mad inventions and dangerous creations. His experimental designs have gotten him kicked out of a large number of crafting guilds. He was assigned as the Unexpectables new "Contract Craftsman" after their encounter with the Silver King.

Personality Edit

Iggy appears constantly lost in careening trains of thought towards his inventing, constantly muttering and going on tangents under his breath about things he needs or should get, even while interacting with others. Because of this, he is intensely awkward and it is difficult to keep up a conversation with him.

Relationships Edit

Iggy fan art by @Dark E Arts

Iggy fan art by @Dark_E_Arts

Scarbles Edit

Iggy created the experimental prototype sled Scarbles gave to Task and Greckles for use in the Winter Festival.

Commissions Edit

Iggy's handiwork sure is something!

  • He sold the party a small cannon that fires confetti
  • He made Task a whip out of a roper tentacle

Trivia Edit

Iggy fan art by @fortesp89

Iggy fan art by @fortesp89

  • Iggy often uses his whip-like tongue to retrieve items from around his workshop from a distance.
  • Due to his absentminded nature and frequent failure of his experimental creations, Iggy is no longer expected to produce results by the Alivast Council and has a legal agreement stating such.
  • Iggy is known to change color based on mood, such as when he turned bright red while being given an awkward hug by Borky.
  • Iggy's favorite food is any kind of snack he can eat quickly.
  • When Iggy dropped off Task's whip, he rambled a lot about how to breed llamas. The instructions for the whip quickly degenerated into ponderings about cows and milk production.
  • Iggy has professed that he has a appreciation for Oreyara as a deity, as Oreyara's domain is that of craftsmanship and tinkering.
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