Background[edit | edit source]

Official Illunay art by Dmitry Utkin (quacknear)

lllunay is the goddess of the moon and also truth.

According to Neragen, Illunay is the twin spirit of Orun and she guides water, reveals truth, forges paths, and acts as a guide in darkness. She also represents clarity of mind and peace within oneself. Because of this aspect, Austaryx the devil god of madness is her greatest enemy.

Stars also fall under Illunay's domain as as they provide clarity in direction and guides for the times to harvest, and are lesser lights in the darkness.

Illunay followers call Solly and other Orun worshippers "cousin" because of their perception of Illunay and Orun as siblings.

Illunay has twin celestials named To and Ma, who are associated with truth.

Named Followers[edit | edit source]

Illunay Symbol fan art by Deedah

  • Neragen
  • Sionia Orikian - A moon elf who is high priestess of Illunay in the high district temple and member of the Council. She aided The Unexpectables in successfully cleansing the demon incursion in the Almon Temple.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Followers of Illunay are on very good terms with most Orun followers and regard them with familial affection. The UCoO does not return these feelings.
  • Paladins of Illunay do not partake in alcohol at night due to its ability to impair the mind.
  • Illusion magic in Illunay temples is automatically dispelled upon walking through the threshold.
  • Solly's seat on the Council is sponsored by the Illunay clergy despite her connection to Orun.
  • Moon Rays are appreciated by worshipers of Illunay.
  • Slathering ink on a holy symbol of Illunay is considered curse-worthy.
  • During the unnatural eclipse, Illunay's clergy were very panicked and afraid
  • Suggested cleric domain for her is Light
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