Ire the Collector Edit

Ire is an ornery and somewhat neurotic Elven clerk who works for the Monster Emporium. In the lower districts Ire works at a stall where he examines and purchases animal and mythological creature parts for the Emporium's collection.

Ire seems to dislike working at the lower districts as he believes it is beneath him.

Relationships Edit

Task Edit

Task visits Ire's stall quite often as the Kobold practice of "Taking a trophy after every kill" works to the Monster Emporium's interests. Ire is often annoyed by Task's personality and his bravado, and would prefer a simple boast-less transaction. Though it seems most people in the lower districts are treated by Ire this way.

Monster's Emporium Edit

The Monster's Emporium is an organization that takes in useful materials from monsters, especially new, undiscovered types, and sells them as spell components or raw materials for other items. They have a Guild that sponsors adventurers to go out on expeditions to harvest materials or discover new types.

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