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"Your father may have seen some strange, delusional potential but I see the truth of this. You cant even keep a delegate in check, much less the idle testings of a goblin chef, or a bunch of idiots who create an eclipse! You are on thin ice Brorc Bronze-Fang and so is your racial inclusion program. Now clean up your mess!" ~ Irma Ellanem to Brorc Bronze-Fang

Irma Ellanem is the half-elf Guard Captain of the Avan Paladins in Tracadia Capital, presumably with some jurisdiction over the Avan paladins in Alivast as well. According to both Brorc and Solly she has had a negative experience with orcs which may have lead to her developing a racial bias against orcs and by extension Brorc Bronze-Fang. She is a vocal critic to Alivast's racial inclusion program and wishes for its end.

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Irma has only ever been heard, but she clearly has a serious negative bias towards orcs and all other races other than humans, surface elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes, and is rather unfair to those who she feels has slighted her.

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Brorc Bronze-Fang Edit

Irma hates Brorc and nearly everything he stands for. First as an orc, of whom she has terrible experiences. Second, for the job he has, as he was given the job and did not earn it, compounded by the fact she feels he's doing an inadequate job of it. And finally, for his racial inclusion program, which she finds as the cause of most of Alivast's problems.

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