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Isqan is a tall, bright blue and green lizardfolk man with yellow eyes covered by oversized goggles. He wears sturdy workman's leathers with a high, upturned collar, and carries himself with a relaxed and casual posture.


Isqan is an academic, with his primary focus being his study of maps. It cannot be understated that he really enjoys maps. A lot. His ultimate goal in fact is to map out the entirety of the Alton region (and perhaps beyond). Any time he hears of a new place, he immediately has to find it on one of his previously drawn maps, or if he hasn't already mark it on a new one that he's creating. Isqan's world view is also recorded on his many precious maps.

He has shown himself to be a cautious and conservative thinker, sometimes tending towards pessimism, and is unwilling to make large leaps in logic or take risks. This has caused him to become paralyzed into inaction when he doesn't have enough information to decide how to proceed. Fortunately, he is also very observant of the world around him, and thus seldom lacks data to analyze. When he does resolve to act, it is with determination.

Isqan is not completely comfortable with his spellcasting. He says it comes naturally but he notes that casting spells feels like part of him is leaving and being pulled away from his body to somewhere he can't see. He has been able to cast spells since he was a child.


Not much is known about Isqan's background at this time. His goggles do help him see, and his vision is blurry without them.

He recounts that he had a good family, a comfortable life, and a job making maps, but his life was very sheltered. He implies his father was a little overbearing and is probably angry about Isqan leaving home to travel. He also mentions a sister that he misses.


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  • Isqan's design is based off the Plumed Basilisk lizard. Mark enlisted the help of lizard enthusiast @TheropodArt when designing the character.