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"Surfing Supported Shattered Starshine/Dust Drifting Directionless Divine/Screaming Sidelining Supernovas/Colliding Colossi Cracked Coronas" ~ Ith, constantlyEdit

ITH is an extremely enigmatic entity that, to this date, has only ever been seen or interacted with by Panic Grimtongue. It is unknown what Ith is or what its purpose is. It currently exists in a darkened realm within The Attic where only sound and motion is allowed to create light. It announced to Panic that, when he addressed it, that it would "see him soon", then expelled him from the attic.

Ith appears as a hazy blob of light with a porcelain mask, similar to Lys, plucking absentmindedly at strings.

MAJOR Spoilers from Episodes 99 and 101
Indeed, Ith made good on it's promise to meet Panic, in the deepest, darkest part of the Realm of Discord, where he showed Panic that he was indeed always capable of what he desired most, and gave him the instruction to re-awaken Omnimaw from it's slumber using his music, and then disappeared. When Panic carried out this task, and was in the clutches of his infernal heritage, Ith saved Panic and his friends lives in the nick of time, and carried them to the Material Plane, giving up his form and his mask's existence to replace Panic's guitar and become his patron.


Ith's personality is somewhat similar to that of LYS, having a want to help mortals. However it is far more vague, preferring to speak in rhyme to explain itself.



Lys heralded Ith's coming in a cryptic letter sent to Panic. Other than that, the relationship between Lys and Ith appears quite vague, beyond sharing a porcelain mask as a calling card. 

Realm of Discord Edit

For a good long while, Ith appears to have been the stopgap from Omnimaw's worsening condition due to an unnamed affliction associated with Devils and Gods alike dying, keeping the plane, and by extension all of it's associated areas of rule, from totally collapsing.

Panic Grimtongue Edit

Panic is, so far, the only recorded mortal to interact with Ith. In moments where Panic is on the edge of unconsciousness or death, it's mask can appear and repeat a line from it's repeated phrase. Panic met Ith inside the attic, and it relayed that it would see Panic soon, then cast him out of the Attic quite dramatically.

MAJOR Spoilers For Episode 99, 101, and 102
ITH met with Panic once again in the deepest parts of the Realm of Discord, and showed Panic that, in spite of his own misgivings, he had indeed been capable of love, through his friendships forged, and his mother's unending love and his acceptance of her. He also gave Panic the instructions to reawaken Omnimaw from it's slumber. Once done, and Omnimaw had The Unexpectables in it's clutches, Ith reappeared and saved the group, transporting them back to the Material Plane. Ith then made Panic an aspect of itself, and became a new version of his guitar to replace the old one destroyed by Omnimaw. It was revealed that Panic had in some way formed a pact with Ith, becoming his patron.

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  • When Panic and Ith returned to Alivast, one of the attic's chains had crumbled away, and a new. smaller crystal hung over the city.
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