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John is a Flesh Golem made by Mel after the events of the story's second adventure arc. According to Hassrad, Mel had an abundance of bodies in the wake of the destruction and began experimenting. The Unexpectables met John on their second trip to The Underbelly.

Though John is normally hostile to intruder's, Mel included some safety measures to allow authorized people to pass. The currently known method is a small black skull she gave to Task along with the command "Move, John."

His nature as a magical construct means he is little more than a fleshy machine that takes simple commands. When guiding The Unexpectables through the sewers to Mel's lair, he doesn't slow down to avoid obstacles or allow the party to catch up if they fall behind and simply marches on a pre-determined route, only pausing at branching paths to allow his "program" to calculate the best route to his destination.

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Mel Edit

Mel is John's creator and she is quite proud of her achievement in assembling him.

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  • The Somalisk that attacked The Unexpectables was summoned through John's Skull charm.
  • It is unknown if John is still in the Underbelly after Mel's exile.
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