Jozah is a wood elf who occupied a seat on the Council of Alivast as the representative of the Almon clergy. He was of indeterminate age and wore embroidered green wool robes appropriate for his wealth and high station. He also wore a matching hat and was seldom seen without a stack of books.


He was detail driven in the extreme, appearing to be almost adversarial in his desire to be accurate, thorough, and have all the details of situations before him. He was cautious in the extreme, reserving judgement until he felt he had all the available information. He tended towards very conservative thinking, preferring solutions that tended to be based more on what he perceived to be practical than ones that took more human elements into account.

Jozah's Fate

Spoilers for Episode 114 / Podcast 101
Jozah wasn't Jozah. Jozah was an arcanaloth in disguise. It is unclear if there ever was a real Jozah Muhirad in Alivast or if he was solely an alter-ego of the fiend that allowed it access to the highest levels of the city's politics and society. (Lacking any other designation, we will simply refer to the arcanaloth as Jozah.)

Jozah was brought to Alivast by Stillhavity as his agent to aid him in securing the shards of the dead god Lysalivast, the giant crystal floating above the city, commonly called The Attic. Stillhavity apparently lost interest in Jozah's activities and left him to his own fate even before the godling was banished by Orun. The fiend found that it was trapped in the city by "Material Plane Syndrome" where it was unable to return to its native plane of existence and would be permanently destroyed if it was killed on the material plane instead of simply being sent back to its native hell.

Growing desperate, Jozah summoned other demons, devils, and other yuguloths to aid it. Over several months it conducted a campaign of kidnapping, assassination, and spying to grow in its influence over the city and its population. It charmed or outright replaced many members of the city guard, gradually building a network of puppets so it could act with more impunity.

One of Jozah's most notable abductions was the Middle District guard captain, Stendin. He was replaced shortly after the The Unexpectables came to the city. Stendin and other abductees were kept in a dungeon he crafted under the Almon temple in the High District. There they were kept in a hot, dry prison where they were deprived food and water to keep them perpetually weakened in the hopes they would be compliant and provide information and cooperation. Eventually even Doros and Sebastian Strong were abducted, though much later than Stendin who was one of the first captured.

Jozah's summoned lackeys impersonated guards and acted as spies. Notably a hydroloth that hid in the spring that fed the the Romansion's baths. In a triumph of information gathering, the facility's magical wards against scrying were defeated which allowed the fiends to conduct abductions, but also gain secrets from pillow talk that normally would be kept in confidence by the staff.

Jozah's ultimate goal was to find some way to escape the material plane. It's work for Stillhavity and research led it to understand the Attic's true nature and it took inspiration from it's former employer's goal to consume the fragments and sought to do the same to gain its freedom, but also godly power.
Arcanaloth by @kurosakura93

Arcanaloth fanart by @KuroSakura93 Jozah's face when the woefully outclassed Kay countered his finger of death spell.

Jozah overreached when he reacted a bit too hastily with The Unexpectables. They began investigating elements related to its infiltration, and also had the mask of Lys. Jozah believed that the mask was key to consuming the godly power, so it attempted to corner the party by taking Meryl hostage and forcing an exchange, underestimating their resolve. The party, with the aid of Hassrad, Willow, and Kay, infiltrated the Almon temple in the High District, found Jozah's secret lair, dispatched his fiendish servants, rescued the surviving prisoners, and with great malice killed Jozah in his private chambers.

They recovered his journal which revealed much about his true self and the nature of Lys. The text of the journal can be found on Lys' page here.


The Unexpectables

The party first met Jozah when he was part of the official inquiry regarding the acts of piracy committed by the United Clergy of Orun. His questioning was very adversarial, but the party got the impression that while he was not the most pleasant person, he was merely being thorough.


  • He enjoyed wine and made it as a hobbyist pursuit.
  • He had a scribe named Felix Rickwither who was found dead in an alleyway, murdered by a fiendish assassin.
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