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Kay (full name Kaykanna Maro) is a wizard employed by the City of Alivast who worked under Stendin as a guard in the Middle Districts. The Unexpectables first met her in a middle district prison when they were taken into custody following an encounter with the United Clergy of Orun which resulted in an extensive amount of properly damage and personal injury.

Kay has long, brown hair and wears a hooded robe with the hood up and a light leather pauldron on one shoulder. She has learned under the Nerasmun Collective, but now works for the Alivastian guard, as a mage and anti-mage. She helps with apprehending and detaining people with magical abilities, though she's learning to be more authoritative like her coworkers who are mainly paladins of Avan.

While working with the Unexpectables, Kay has proven herself a powerful ally, using her magic and especially her counterspells to great effect to aid the party despite being out of her depth in terms of power and experience. (Editor's Note: Kay was 6th level to the party's 9th and managed to survive.) While with the party she had many new and terrifying encounters, but after her initial shock, she showed surprising resilience and was able to keep cool and act intelligently under the most dire circumstances. For her brave service in the face of overwhelming odds and for her impeccable paperworking skills, Kay was named Captain of the Middle District guard at Hoketh's Harrowing.

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Kay tends to be a little shy and doesn't speak much, although she is a meticulous and dutiful member of the guard. She is very self-conscious and part of her shyness is because she is very concerned about others see her. Even though she is very competent and capable, she holds herself to an even higher standard. She is a skilled note taker and an excellent record keeper. She takes great pride in her work as a guard and upholding the law and will go above and beyond the line of duty in the service of protecting the city.

Relationships Edit

Kay Art by Citric King

Kay Art by Citric King

The Unexpectables Edit

Kay and the Unexpectables first met when they were detained after their first altercation with The United Orun Clergy, although she did not have much interaction with them beyond making certain that they didn't break out of jail.

Much later when the Unexpectables found themselves being investigated for a different incident, Kay was assigned by Brorc Bronze-Fang to keep an eye on them, much to her surprise. When the Unexpectables conducted their latest round of potential employee interviews, Kay helped take notes during the interview and proved to quite thorough at it.

While with the party, she supported them with her magic, and more importantly by cancelling the spells of enemy casters.

Panic Grimtongue Edit

When Panic began singing prison blues, Kay approached him with a threat to cast a silence spell if he didn't stop. Like many others, she was helpless before the Grimtongue charm and retreated back to her desk, blushing.

Enceladus Anclad Edit

Kay was present at his interview for the position as Researcher and Librarian for The Sweet Dragon, and kept diligent notes on his conduct and work, but also slipped in the notes that she found him rather cute.

Zeus and The Romansion Edit

While the Group was investigating a murder at the Romansion, Kay was noted to be enormously uncomfortable whilst looking around, and was especially uncomfortable and nervous around Zeus. When asked about it, she only stated that she had been to the Romansion once for what she euphemistically called a "work trip". She later revealed that she had sex with Zeus. Based on what appears to be mutual awkwardness between the two, we can assume it didn't go well.

Stendin Edit

Kay worked under Stendin, or at least...what she thought was Stendin for quite awhile and enjoyed his company, and was greatly affected by the reveal that Stendin had in fact been an imposter for over a year. She went to his grave during Hoketh's Harrowing with the rest of the middle district guards and paid her respects.

Orchestra Edit

Orchestra was a Cambion that tried to kill the Unexpectables, but when she was killed, it was revealed she suffered from "Material Plane Syndrome". Instead of being able to return to her hell to reform, she was reduced to the lowest form of devil, still trapped on the material plane. She was bullied into obedience by Task and served him briefly until Kay requested to have her as a familiar so that she could keep the fiend under close watch and magical control.

Trivia Edit

  • Her rank was "Second-Level Anti-Mage" until she was promoted to Captain of the Middle District.
  • Kay admitted to cheating on her entrance exam at her mage's school.
  • She is a very heavy sleeper and does not wake up easily.
  • Kay had a painted bat familiar named Tango. Tango was hiding in Remy's armor when the knight sparred with Tiengo. Tango didn't survive the encounter.
  • Kay is an Anti-Mage who specializes in counterspells and cancelling out enemy spellcasters. (War Mage subclass)
  • Kay knows a variety of spells, but has proven to be quite effective with magic missile, shocking grasp, firebolt, knock, dispel magic, mage armor, and Tenser's floating disk.
  • Kay cast magic missile at the darkness.
  • She has one of those new-fangled, magically water-proof spellbooks
  • In her first appearance, she was described as having brown hair but that was changed and her official art has her as a blonde
Spoilers for Episode 114 / Podcast 101 about how badass Kay is
Kay saved her own life when she successfully counterspelled a finger of death spell cast by an arcanaloth. Despite being completely outclassed, her presence in the party's battle against it was a great help and contributed to their success.
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