Krixia Lor, the Red Dragonborn Paladin Edit

Krixia is the one of the main characters of the Time Cleaver one-shot alongside Pine, Rocca, and Swoop. She is the daughter of a soldier who would have preferred a son. He raised her strictly, making her train and pushing her to her limits. However, he died young in battle, leaving his daughter without direction.

As a paladin, Krixia specializes in close-range combat, supplemented by holy magic for support. She serves Vetrion, God of Fighting.

She came to Balton Village to help establish the town, and seems to have been serving it for a while.

Personality Edit

Krixia serves as the group's voice of reason, keeping a level head and analyzing situations before jumping in. She isn't without a sense of humor however.

She's followed in her father's footsteps, but constantly feels the need to surpass herself and achieve greater heights than her last accomplishment. She suffers from self-doubt despite her glowing reputation.

Relationships Edit

Swoop Edit

Swoop's selfishness and cowardice are traits that can easily spell trouble for the group, so Krixia takes it upon herself to keep him under control. It doesn't always work however; on one occasion he stole an item from her and told her she dropped it, chastizing her inability to keep it safe. Despite this, she seems to recognize his talents and value to the group.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite her rough exterior and military upbringing, Krixia is rather good at ballroom dancing. She seems to be rather embarrassed by this, requesting Swoop to not tell anybody about it.
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