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Ky appears to be a young human in his late teens or early twenties. He is very tall and has a rather large build, though he does not always act quite as imposing as his physique suggests. He has dark hair and green eyes, and wears a reddish-brown poncho, blue bandana, while also carrying a large backpack.


Ky is very plucky and upbeat, and is very optimistic, tending towards positive thinking, and often encouraging others around him. Despite this, he also tends to be a bit nervous and uncertain, often asking others for input, especially his brother Otho.

Ky is very uncomfortable in a fight, preferring to run away or avoid them altogether, but he is slowly becoming more confident in himself and his friends. He isn't quite sure how he can help out since he says he doesn't have any skills that would help.

Ky has shown an interest in magical knowledge, particularly arcane magic. He showed excitement and comprehension when reading a treatise about the mechanics of certain spells, and discovering a spellbook. Despite this, he has shown no ability to use any kind of magic yet. In conversations with Milo, he exhibited a lack of understanding of divine magic and even asked Milo if he had gotten his powers through a deal with a powerful entity.

Ky is cautious around strangers, even friendly ones, and prefers to keep his name to himself. He has stated he doesn't like people that look "like the mercenary type".




Ky and Otho are brothers. Ky is the younger sibling.


Ky has taken a liking to Gaius' martial ability and has asked the goatboy to show him some weapon tricks. Gaius' is happy to do so but has a general ineptitude as a teacher, so the lessons have yet to yield any concrete results. Gaius has taken Ky to task for not being more intuitive in combat, and Ky has


There was friction between Ky and Milo when Ky was struggling to understand how Milo's magic worked. Milo got angry and stormed off when Ky asked him if he got his powers by "making a deal with someone". Ky has since apologized, though it remains to be seen how well the two will get along in the future.

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  • Ky's player (Edward Bosco) has made a deliberate effort to conceal Ky's class and other information about him, preferring to reveal it organically during play. As of Episode 3 of Campaign 2, Ky has yet to use any class specific ability. In fact, he has managed to avoid taking any action in combat other than "Help" or "Dodge" which are available to members of all classes.