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Lawrence was a Penguin Kenku who was encountered by The Unpredictables shortly after their adventure in the Mansion of Lady Corinne. He is the son of the Chieftan of Pugu Village and claimed to be the only one spared from Serindaru's imprisoning pink ice. He convinced the group to scale the nearby mountain to kill the ice fey and free his village. When the party reached the summit and slew the yeti guard, he revealed that he had stolen Serindaru's magic in the form of a scepter and now wanted to kill the gravely wounded fey as well as the party.

Angered by his treachery, the party defeated and killed him and the ice clones he had created with the scepter's magic. The ice cave of Serindaru collapsed and his corpse was crushed by debris. Aussir asked Serindaru to give him Lawrence's corpse which he then proceeded to ride down the mountainside like a meat-toboggan. Aussir then cooked what was left of Lawrence into a stew and ate him.

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The Unpredictables Edit

Lawrence first encountered The Unpredictables when they stumbled across his village in a snow storm. After killing, curing, and driving off possessed bears who had attacked the village, Lawrence treated the travelers to food and shelter while explaining the fate of his frozen family and neighbors. They agreed to help, though Valcenien and Ghost did so while laughing at the situation. However, it was actually a ruse so he could get their help to scale the nearby mountain so he could kill Serindaru. Upon realizing they'd been tricked, the entire group immediately decided to murder Lawrence. After restoring Serindaru's power, she recovered his body and gifted it to Aussir so that he would be able to cook it.

Parents Edit

The relationship between Lawrence and his parents is shrouded in uncertainty. Lawrence had no qualms keeping his parents frozen to use as a bargaining chip with travelling passersby, and his father reacted to his son's death with little more than surprised shock and seemed to not mind handing the body over to Aussir for consumption.

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