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Lebreaus Village was first mentioned in a Quest Board notice at The Sweet Dragon in a posting by Enceladus Anclad seeking escorts for an anthropological expedition. (Episode 13/ Podcast 1). Much later, when The Unexpectables returned to Alivast after another expedition, they found Tent Town crowded with refugees from Lebreaus who fled after dragon cultists attacked the village.

Lebreaus is three days north of Alivast and two days south of the base of the Silver Mountains.

The village is near the territory claimed by the Iron Claw orc clan.

Brorc Bronze-Fang told the party that a "giant red dragon circles the village" and it was the one that conquered the village. He also said that aside from a sizable number of cultists there are five or six smaller dragons in the vicinity.

Named Residents Edit

  • Alice, refugee and now a server at The Sweet Dragon
  • Ollem, while not a resident, he is an exile from the Iron Claw clan that lives nearby the village.

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