Background Edit

The Lion's Head Library is a large private library, bookseller and stationer in Alivast. Entry into the facility costs 30 gold pieces per person which allows them to browse or study and books can be purchased.

The Unexpectables first visited it when they were in search of the wayward Solly and discovered her just as she succumbed to Stillhavity's temptation and empty promises that resulted in the events of the Eclipse and her own mental imprisonment.

In a more mundane visit, Panic accompanied Ozzy Enrobso on a shopping trip there. Ozzy selected several books on mushrooms, plants, and other topics related to his profession. Panic selected a book on costumes as well as one on tieflings and a songbook from the Eastern Isles. Ozzy also selected a book on kenku to give to Greckles as well as a variety of stationery and writing supplies.

Selected Titles Edit

  • Mushrooms and Spore
  • Plants That Grow on You
  • Animal Pieces and What To Do With Them
  • A Gentleman's Guide to Distilleries
  • Infernal Blood (The summary describes it as the tangled love between a bone devil and a human mistress.)
  • Horns, Tails, and Hooves: A Gentleman's Guide to Tieflings
  • 50 Shades of Plumage: Confessions of a Kenku Lover
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