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Livrosea Symbol fan art by Deedah

Livrosea Symbol fan art by Deedah

Livrosea is the goddess of art, beauty, and love. In Alivast, opera tickets can be purchased from box offices attached to her temples. She is one of the progenitors of Oreyara.

Celestials Edit

The devil prince Omnimaw was once a celestial of Livrosea who presided over the perfection of music. When he was corrupted, Livrosea cast him into the domain of discord as an act of mercy rather than destroying him. This created the minor chord in music.

Practices and Holidays Edit

Livrosea followers feel strongly about the necessity of love in marriage. They will not perform marriage rites for a couple where love is not present or the marriage is not universally consensual between the participants. Livrosea temples will marry anyone if the participants are of lawful age and consent to the union regardless of any other factors. This has caused some friction when they have performed marriage rites for members of opposing groups.

Heart's Cresting Day is a niche Livrosean celebration of love in the latter part of early summer.

Temples and Facilities Edit

There are several temples and shrines to Livrosea in Alivast. Due to Livrosea's association with the performing arts, they act as box offices for tickets to the Opera House and many include performance spaces themselves. There is a main temple in the Lower Clergy District and the clergy also runs The Livrosea Academy for Gifted Youths where Scarlet attends and is learning music and stagecraft.

The facility in the Middle Clergy District where the Silver King's ball was held was a space jointly run by the Livrosea and Almon clergies.

Named Followers Edit

  • Rose: A paladin who guides the children at The Livrosea Academy for Gifted Youths. She gave Panic some advice after he bared his soul to her.

Trivia Edit

  • The marriage between Violet and Garagoth was held in a temple of Livrosea and the officiant made great efforts to accommodate the peculiarities of the Ripjaw pack's traditions.
  • It is considered a taboo to name or discuss Omnimaw in spaces sacred to Livrosea. Many followers of the goddess, especially performers, believe mentioning him will result in bad luck.
  • Dwarves have a strong appreciation for Livrosea as the source of their line chants and other musical pursuits.
  • Livrosea does not have an Aasimar in Alivast, though Rose believes there are some out in the world.
  • Her suggested cleric domains are Knowledge and Life
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