Background Edit

Lobo Slackjaw is a Human Ranger and leader of a collation of hunters known as Monster's Culling. He refers to himself with grandiose titles such as "Master of Monsters" and "Monster Eater." He hunts, kills, and sells monsters for profit, though he also is known to keep some alive to use as weapons. He appears to be more dangerous due to the people he commands rather than his own strength and has yet to be seen engaging in a hunt himself.

Personality Edit

Lobo has an affable tone in conversation, often mixing threats of death and violence with casual pleasantries. He seems to have an inflated ego and grandiose ambitions as evidenced by his self-proclaimed titles and desire to accrue wealth. Lobo has a deep-seated hatred for beings he considers "monsters" and doesn't hesitate to kill whatever he finds undesirable. He has been known to engage in negotiations, but the once instance seen of this went poorly.

Relations Edit

City of Alivast Edit

Lobo is not allowed to enter Alivast due to his intolerant nature and tendency to incite violence. He is known to lurk around the city borders for unknown reasons.

The Underbelly Edit

Lobo has made an enemy of Avryman and their allies by targeting Anna and Thomas. Precautions have been taken to keep them outside of Lobo's reach.

The Unexpectables Edit

Lobo first spoke to the Unexpectables through a magic cat statue when he was attempting to contact his lackey Tyrel. He and Panic exchanged threats before Lobo hung up and sent reinforcements after the party. He later attempted to negotiate with them so they'd hand over Thomas, but they rejected and cut down the hunters and chimera he sent their way. Lobo appears to have greatly underestimated the threat the adventurers pose to his operations and is likely going to attempt revenge. Panic is planning on writing a song about how Lobo is a "punk-ass bitch."

Triva Edit

  • Out of character, MontyGlu stated that Lobo is an "annoying villain" in reference to his tendency to let others do his fighting allowing him to escape unharmed.
  • MontyGlu created him several years ago to use in her first Pathfinder game.
  • Lobo wants to eradicate all changelings.
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