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Luhneirth, a massive Ripjaw gnoll girl with bangs that cover her eyes and her fur in short braids all over her body. She attends Eve's Meadow Academy.

She is the daughter of Councilperson Zerth Ripjaw, matriarch of the Ripjaw Pack.

Personality Edit

She is obsessed with getting stronger, and enjoyed the challenge of her archery lesson with Task. She is constantly probing boundaries of power, both her own physical capabilities and in interpersonal relationships. She speaks in a growling, snorting and clipped fashion.

Relationships Edit

Task Edit

Task first meets Luhneirth at Eve's Meadow Academy where he taught an archery class. Luhneirth subtly challenged Task's authority through posturing and body language but grudgingly accepted his authority when he proved his martial prowess and helped her improve her own archery skill. When he met her again at Violet and Garagog's wedding, she gleefully told him about how she was using the harsh winter weather for physical endurance and strength training. She proudly told him that she rolled a snowball that was bigger than her mother. Task subtly told her the secret of hiding rocks in snowballs and she was grateful for the "sound tactic".

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