Ma (pronounced "Mah") is the twin sibling of the celestial To and celestial servant to the goddess Illunay, who occasionally visit the material plane to give out truths to the worthy during the Full Moon. Unlike his sister, Ma only gives out truths about oneself. Further, Ma's work requires a far more involved process of two people to immerse themselves in the pool, showing more of a vision rather than having a conversation with those who appear in their pond.

Ma is often heralded by tiny Droplettes, tiny celestial creatures that are otherwise harmless.

Ma came to Tracadia as a specific favor for the celestial Solar during a crescent moon, with the implication that it would show Pilchard a truth about himself. The Unexpectables found Ma's Droplettes and were clued in to Pilchard's location. They successfully delivered him to the pool, where he and Panic relived a painful memory in order to convince him into going to Alivast. After that, Ma did as his sister did, and swam up into the sky to become stardust.

Personality Edit

Ma, unlike his twin, is far more relaxed and seems kind of sleepy.

Trivia Edit

  • Ordinarily, To and Ma appear on opposite points on the material plane, which means very few people ever stumble across both in the same lifetime. Panic Grimtongue is currently the most recent being to do so.
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