Private Marcus Sweet was an Alivastian city guard noted to be fairly lazy and laid-back. He first encountered The Unexpectables when Task was wandering the streets of the lower district at night after a fight with his compatriots.

Marcus was tasked with standing watch at Dullmar's obsidian house, which the city guard had been unable to breach. Being curious about the strange structure, Task decided to investigate. There he encountered Marcus on patrol, who out of boredom struck up a conversation with the kobold ranger. Marcus shared what information he knew on Dullmar's home with Task, but discouraged Task from trying to break into the structure without the key out of safety concerns and a dislike for the paperwork either arresting Task or reporting his death would involve.

Marcus Sweet died after helping The Unexpectables halt a string of murders in Alivast. In his honor, The Unexpectables named their tavern "The Sweet Dragon." A special bench was built by the city in his memory at the place where he died.


Task Edit

Task and Marcus seem to be pretty amicable with each other. When Marcus incorrectly performed a salute though, Task's inner soldier screamed to himself. Marcus' nickname for Task is "little dragon dude".

Trivia Edit

  • Task thought about recruiting Marcus as the tavern's bouncer but decided against it due to his nonchalant attitude.
  • Cause of death: cloth wrung by Dullmar
  • In his memory, the Unexpectables' tavern was named The Sweet Dragon. The dragon part of the name is referring to Tarusk.
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