Background Edit

Margo is a craftswoman and worshiper of Oreyara. She spends most of her time at a temple to her goddess situated in the forest north of Balton Village. During the events of the Time Cleaver One Off, she was taken hostage by Coastal Orcs who besieged her temple and used her as a dartboard. After being rescued by guards from Balton Village, she helped them enter the temple so that they might defeat the orc leader and protect the Time Cleaver.

Relationships Edit

Colin Edit

The specifics of Margo's relationship with Colin are unknown, but the two are on a first name basis, and Margo expressed relief learning he escaped the raid with his life.

Swoop Edit

For the most part, Margo maintained an amicable opinion of Swoop, at one point saying he looked dapper wearing clothing articles he looted off of the attacking orcs. However, Swoop did manage to startle her at one point, turning his head around and looking at her without her expecting it. Based on his fear of Suplex Thunder, Margo came to see Swoop as unreliable. However, he managed to prove her wrong by slaying the Tanarukk, Orvar.

Suplex Thunder Edit

Margo seems to be ashamed and embarrassed by Suplex Thunder, as evidenced by her nervous reaction to potentially running into him while in the temple's tunnels. Margo sees Suplex Thunder as an uncomfortable waste of money, and would rather not have to associate with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite spending a lot of time in Oreyara's Temple, she knows little about its interior or layout. This is due to a lot of the temple being off-limits.
  • There is a Bladefoot Pirate who shares her first name.
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