Background Edit

Mariyx Ghaallixirn is a Silver Dragonborn and current owner, Project Director, and Utility Conjurer of the Conjurer's Corner. He is a sharp-dressed and professional individual who wears a set of spectacles upon his snout. Originally Hailing from Tristella Court, Mariyx has since come to Alivast and situated himself as a respected member of the city's magical community.

Mariyx is currently working on a project to create a Teleportation Circle connected to Tristella Court, so that travel between it and Alivast can be undergone in less than the year the journey takes by other means, as well as increase trade and improve relations between the two territories. However, an Orb of Transportation is required. To retrieve the baseline from unexplored regions of Alivast, Maryix hired The Unexpectables as well as Digsby, a paladin of Hoketh.

The Conjurer's Corner Edit

The Conjurer's Corner is an arcanium set inside the Middle Arcana District, near Artimus' Academy. The mage tower itself was damaged during the Eclipse, but even in its incomplete state dwarfs Willow's Arcanium in scale. It is known to have a security golem which did battle against Stillhavity's monsters.

Trivia Edit

  • Mariyx has admitted to never leaving his office
  • He has white screens and projectors installed in his office to use as visual aid while explaining topics to visitors.
  • The arcanium is still damaged weeks after the eclipse because nobody is quite sure how to rebuild it.
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