Background Edit

Marvin is the elderly mayor of Everbright, known for is a long beard and tendency to stay in the same place; his usual seat in the local tavern. He met the Unexpectables when they questioned him about the fight between Rey and Raunfalt. He also mentioned that there was another large "thing" that kept attacking town and that only Rey was able to chase it out. The group was able to find and speak to Gorb based on his intel.

The following winter, the Unexpectables met with Marvin and told him the dangers presented by The Silver King's blizzard.

Personality Edit

Marvin is best described as an old curmudgeon who has a high level of intolerance for anything that has the potential to bother him. He's known to be dismissive and rude to others when they try to speak to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Marvin gave Greckles a long winter coat that used to belong to his wife. She got rid of it because she hated it.


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