Merchant Edit

"What are you buyin'?" ~ Merchant.

Merchant is as his name suggests is a black-scale kobold merchant who operated out of the Underbelly. He is a creature of few words who speaks mostly when he's in the process of selling his wares.

When his companion Mel was ejected from the Underbelly, Merchant also disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown.

Relations Edit

The Unexpectables Edit

Merchant is on amiable terms with The Unexpectables and has bartered with them on multiple occasions. They do not appear to have the same hatred for him as they do for Mel and aren't out to kill him.

Mel Edit

Mel seems to consider Merchant to be a friend and Merchant's well enough acquainted with with her to entertain her chipper antics. He vanished after Mel was exiled, but it is unknown if he still associated with her or if they went their separate ways.

Avryman Edit

Avryman doesn't know where Merchant currently is, much to their annoyance. They wish to find him so they can get information on Mel.

Trivia Edit

  • Merchant's appearance seems to take some inspiration from the Merchant from Resident Evil 4.
  • It is implied that Merchant may have lost his tail. Mel claims this is a great honor among black-scale kobolds.
  • During his encounter with the United Orun Clergy, Merchant was able to obtain Solly's wanted paper, at the cost of his ear and part of his face.
Merchant fan art by @SaichaEevee

Merchant fan art by @SaichaEevee

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