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The Merkz are one of the many informal adventuring groups in Alivast. They struggled to find regular work, because they formed in the springtime when competition for work was fierce.

They were approached by Remus Corbeau with a job sponsored by Soliandris, aasimar of Orun and member of the Council. The quest was to find a missing silver dragon who was an (adult) child of the Silver King. The group followed their leads to the Barnes Farm and it's barn which was the dragon's last known location.

Following a bloody trail of silver scales and signs of a fight, the group discovered a forward camp of the Dragon Cult led by the green dragon Orestos who they slew. They were able to rescue Orlos, a son of the Silver King who told them that Darkus was fortifying his base in the north and people kidnapped from Alivast and elsewhere were taken there.

The group consists of:

Known Associates Edit

Remy and the Merkz fanart 2 by @Zuelthecat

Fanart by @Zuelthecat

Remus "Remy" Corbeau Edit

Remy hired the group to accompany him and help search for a missing child of the Silver King. Remy impressed the group with the large amount of coin offered for the job and while he was often flabbergasted by the hijinks of some members, he worked well with them in pursuit of their goal.

Trivia Edit

Remy and The Merkz by @caitlinc37

Fanart by @caitlinc37

  • The group's name was the result of a misspelling by the semi-literate Cliff
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