Might-Crank (Construct 1) Edit

Might-Crank was a magical construct and the first functioning construct completed according to Artimus' designs. It is said that he gained free will when he heard the words of Oreyara, the goddess of clockwork.

Before the The Unexpectable's arrival in Alivast, Might-Crank was destroyed while defending people from Fire Giants. Remy recalled Might-Crank's fighting prowess when they were protecting citizens evacuating from Tendleheim.

Relationships Edit

Artimus Edit

Artimus was one of Might-Crank's creators. After Might-Crank was killed Artimus had a statue of the construct commissioned to stand with the other monuments to The City of Alivast.

Dullmar Edit

Dullmar had a burning hatred for Might-Crank, seeing the construct as a symbol of Artimus' success in creating artificial life. He was once arrested for defacing the statue that was sculpted in Might-Crank's memory.

Remy Edit

Remy and Might-Crank both were part of the Alivast army's delaying action to hold back the fire giants during the evacuation of Tendelheim.

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible Suplex Thunder achieved sentience before Might-Crank, but nobody knows for certain.
  • It was later found that Log, a prototype construct was the first sentient Construct, not Might-Crank
  • He fought with his bare firsts, though could use swords and improvised weapons.
  • He chose his own name, though Artimus said otherwise.
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