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Milo is a well-tanned halfling with average build (for a halfling), along with golden hair and eyes that have a slight amber glow. He wears a holy symbol consisting of a lion's head on a sunburst, and carries a shield with the same iconography.


Milo is a generally calm and cheerful individual. He loves food and cooking, and is extremely judgmental about the quality of food that others prepare, often comparing it to the dishes of his homeland. One of his passions is preparing food for others, and he relishes in the art of making a well cooked, hearty meal.

Milo has shown to be very devoted to his faith, and can be defensive when it comes to matters of the Orun Clergy, especially in regards to their role in Paraton and the Eclipse event over 20 years ago. Nevertheless, he exhibits a level of compassion that the more antagonistic worshipers of Orun back then lacked, often going out of his way to help those that may require assistance.


Milo was originally from a place called Prato Campo, or Meadow Field in the Common language.

Milo says his magic comes from his father and the one his father serves. He says that he was told by his father to "go out and set a good example" in order to reignite faith in Orun.


Magic Items


  • Milo's home "Prato Campo" is the Italian words for "meadow" and "field" respectively.
  • Milo makes toast with sunbeams, and it has been dubbed "sky toast" by the others.