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Mirehair was a large hag dwelling in the bogs south of Humbrack Village. She arrived on the continent of Alivast on a boat some time ago while disguised as an old lady. While stalking the village, she stole into the settlement and stole a baby, noticing something unusual about the child.

Unfortunately, while Mirehair was returning to her coven, she was attacked by Anje and lost the child to him. As she attempted to recover from her wounds, she was set upon by The Unexpectables, who came tracking the stolen child.

Under interrogation, she advised the group as to what happened, but as they pressed her to help return the child and to never prey on anyone again, Mirehair attempted to flee. Weakened as she was, the hag was caught by Borky and fatally suplexed, snapping her neck.

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Though not directly addressed, it was known other hags inhabited the bog alongside Mirehair, presumably part of the same coven. Grandma Leecha is mentioned by name.

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  • It is implied that she understands Orcish, given she could comprehend that Borky meant baby when using the word "Babu", though it is unclear how fluent she is in the language
  • Mirehair was about 10 feet tall.
Borky Suplexing Mirehair fan art by @Angrypaint

Borky Suplexing Mirehair fan art by @Angrypaint

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