Mr. Bwakkaw Edit

Mr. Bwakkaw is a rooster kenku from the Eastern Islands. He is a chef of the highest quality and even won the Harvest Festival cooking competition, narrowly edging out Tai Borpington.

He owns Tiger Restaurant which he runs with his son and other members of his family, including Robin who works as a waitress when she isn't busy at her usual messenger job.

Relationships Edit

Greckles Edit

Greckles has incredible respect and admiration for Bwakkaw's cooking, to the point of being reduced to tears at one point, and Bwakkaw seems to appreciate it.

Tai Borpington Edit

Tai sees Bwakkaw as a fearsome competitor in the cooking competition, but like most chefs when not working or competing they go out and get plastered together.

Robin and Family Edit

Bwakkaw originally wanted Robin to enter the family business and was disappointed that she decided to become a professional messenger instead. He eventually came around when she managed to get a job working under the esteemed Brorc Bronze-Fang. However according to Robin he can still be a bit overbearing at times.

His son currently works as an assistant chef under him and the two work together well as a team. It is likely that Bwakkaw is grooming his son to eventually take over the family restaurant.

Trivia Edit

  • Being a from the Eastern Islands, Bwakkaw's cooking repertoire is based off of many traditional Japanese cuisines, such as ramen and sushi.
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