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Murray is an odd Moray Eel-Triton who lives in or around the Canary Channel as a mobile chef. For a nominal fee, Sailors can pay to use a fishing rod in the teeming Channel to catch their lunch, which he will quickly and efficiently prepare for them as part of the deal. He carries around a magical kitchen that can be unfolded into a fully stocked and ready pocket space where he can set about to his craft quickly and efficiently.

The Unexpectables were treated to lunch from his cart (though not without some difficulty) and enjoyed themselves when he came aboard the Green Gully. After their meal and his payment was given, he left without incident.

Personality Edit

Murray is understandably difficult to read due to his expressionless face and his general inability to speak common, but he seems nice and helpful enough.

Relationships Edit

Murray fan art 2 by @Ultraous

Murray fan art by @Ultraous

Captain Clarence Edit

Clarence enjoys Murray's presence and appears to know him quite well, actively encourages people to patronize him, though he himself doesn't seem to do it.

Kiwi Edit

Kiwi is also aware of Murray though he doesn't have enough money to patronize the Triton that often.

The Unexpectables Edit

The Unexpectables were caught off-guard by his unannounced boarding of the ship by Murray, but all quickly warmed up to him through his skillful work, with Greckles and Remy sharing a dish. All paid pretty well for their meal, though Borky most of all due to his inabilty to catch anything worthwhile.

Trivia Edit

  • His method of making money was seemingly inspired by fishing cruises that sometimes allow patrons to cook what they catch.
  • Murray is married.
Murray fan art 2 by @CitricKing

Murray fan art by @CitricKing

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