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"I am Nine. I am efficient. I am good at my job. It is what I do. I create." ~ Nine

Nine, formerly known as Construct 29, is a tailor, fashion designer and cosmetic construct modifier who's set up shop in the Lower Crafting District of Alivast, up the road from Wymark's Craft Shop. She is adorned in metal plating forged to resemble a fine suit encrusted with arcane runes and a headpiece that resembles slicked-back hair. She stands with rigid, professional posture and carries a clipboard. As a Construct, she greatly values efficient work and quality of goods, both of which she provides to her organic and synthetic patrons alike. She speaks with a rather distant, professional tone and can sometimes sound somewhat aggressive. However, her shop has proven popular with the people of Alivast and she has a positive reputation within the lower districts.

Relations Edit

Paula Edit

Paula is a dwarf who assists Nine in making modifications to constructs, such as grafting off The Straightforward Good Time's metal spikes and altering her faceplate. She attends Eve's Meadow Academy and recognizes Panic from his Dick Kicking Class. That said, Paula and Nine have yet to be seen interacting.

Panic Edit

"If only I could one day be this fierce..." ~ Panic, on Nine

Nine was commissioned to make Panic an outfit from Arkgenos' scales. Upon discovering Panic's leather jacket was damaged with dragon acid, she tore it off his body and threw it into a forge, disgusted.

Task Edit

"Kobold, one set of advice: cold weather imminent. Wear pants." ~ Nine

Nine was more than willing to assist Task in his endeavors to purchase armor for Tarusk, even when it proved out of his price range. She agreed to making a warm wool jerkin for Tarusk and also warned Task that he should start wearing pants when winter comes, prompting him to get his cloak lined.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is based on the saying "Dressed to the Nines."
  • When The Unexpectables first encountered her, Nine was doing business with Construct 41 for an adjustment that would cost 2,000 Gold Pieces. This was the first time Construct 41 has appeared.
  • The Straightforward Good Time had the spikes on her chassis ground down to burnished iron nubs at Nine's shop. The work was done by Paula.
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