The Northlander Settlement

Northlanders were among the first people of the known world to explore the new continent of Alivast. They have a settlement up the coast from the city of Alivast that is led by Bjornson, Son of Olafson. The settlement consists of a large communal longhouse and some outbuildings.

Northlanders speak their own dialect, often exclusively. They were the first people from the known lands to scout out and settle in Alivast after its discovery by the crew of The Canary.

Named Northlanders


  • In the Northlands, orcs have white skin
  • In the Northlands, Kobolds have white scales, short ears and blunt snouts. They most likely look like this.
  • There is a kind of blight which affects animals that come into contact with ice shards corrupted by "darkness". The nature of darkness is unknown and appears in snow storms in the far north.
  • The friendly, energetic, partying Northlanders were influenced by a group of South American students that would host samba-dancing parties and were enthusiastically sociable.
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