Object-8, commonly known as Obby, is a construct built by the Silver Kobolds who live in the crater in the Mountain of Repetition. He has lived a simple life in the secluded enclave until they had the odd experience of encountering The Unexpectables.

Obby is a halfling or gnome-sized, humanoid construct with large, oversized eyes that glow with an internal fire. When he speaks, this light also shows in his mouth. Compared to Artimus-designed constructs, he is of vastly superior craftsmanship. Also, like other constructs created by the Silver Kobolds, Obby doesn't wear any kind of clothes that would hide their intricate craftsmanship.


Despite Obby's mechanical nature, they are quite empathetic and concerned about others. They often offer their "comfort arm" so aggrieved parties can hang onto them for support.

Obby works well with the silver kobolds around him, and his more gentle and friendly personality contrasts with their matter-of-fact nature, but has a penchant for getting themselves into trouble. They are curious of outsiders, though a bit naive about the nature of the outside world.

Obby fan art by @TheropodArt


Object-8 was crafted by Gadget, a Silverscale Kobold of the Mountain of Repetition. Little is known about their background or if they had a specialized function. Like most of the kobolds creations, their construction was at the request of Oreyara. Their assignment as a guard was a temporary affair and took away from their usual work creating.


The Unexpectables

Obby was guarding a door into the crater with another construct named Project-6 when they heard The Unexpectables knock. He was told by Oreyara to let them in. He has acted as an unofficial tour-guide and ambassador during their time in the crater city.


Obby can speak to Oreyara directly, though tends to do so only when she first speaks to him. She told him to let The Unexpectables with Log into the crater and also commanded him to perform some specific actions to help Task that violated several rules of the Silver Kobolds. When Oreyara talks to Obby, he goes into a trance-like state for the duration, hearing her voice in his head but responding outloud.


Obby fan art by @Boo Rad13y

Obby and Log were fast friends. Log and Obby both love Oreyara, and Log gladly holds onto Obby's comfort arm. The best description for their relationship is the unspoken mutual friendship between a pair of preschool age children, though Obby's cognitive level is beyond that. Compared to Obby, Log is quite primitive in design, though Oreyara has told Obby that Log is very important and an acolyte.

Rasan the Terrible

Rasan is a young red dragon that was a devotee of Darkus and devoted to the goals of the Dragon Cult and resurrecting Insdroc. His faith in the evil dragon god was tested and broken when he met Obby. The small, but powerful cleric of Oreyara first bound Rasan with a geas spell, compelling him to obey his commands and aid him fighting his fellow cult members. Obby's power and zeal for his goddess soon overwhelmed Rasan who was made to feel powerless in the shadow of the mighty mechanical priest. His faith challenged and will broken, Rasan now fervently follows Oreyara and has accompanied Obby back to the Mountain of Repetition as his servant.


  • Obby refers to Oreyara with the title "Your Boltiness" when speaking to her.
  • Although Obby is very small, from a games mechanics standpoint they count as a medium sized creature.
  • When traveling great distances with the Unexpectables, Obby often rides on Borky's shoulders.
  • In a real power play, Obby has nicknamed Rasan the Terrible "Ross"


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