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Ol' Teapot is an elder hobgoblin woman with a tight grey bun, reddish skin, and the underbite characteristic of her species. She has an eyepatch over her right eye, and wears simple working clothes with an apron over them. She is older for a hobgoblin but still shows some of the musculature of her youth. Prior to being hired at the Sweet Dragon as an inn housekeeper, she was a legionnaire in the Endeavor Fleet, a hobgoblin culture in the Eastern Isles that sells its military prowess to the surrounding islands.

She retired from a career as a legionnaire and is now settled in Alivast with her husband and two sons who are learning to become sellswords. When she retired, she followed the traditions of her people and adopted a new name for her new non-military identity. She won't reveal her military name because even though she had a life of exemplary service, it is considered taboo.

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Ol' Teapot is earthy and rough in speech and manner, but she has lived a life of rigid discipline. She is no stranger to hard work and drudgery, and will eagerly roll up her sleeves to get the job done as quickly as possible. She prides herself on military efficiency. She loves to boast and talk about her exploits, though it is clear that her best days are behind her.

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  • Her husband named her Ol' Teapot because "Even though she's full of cracks, she's still pretty good at what she does."
  • Her eye was bitten out by a deep scion
  • Because she has family in town, she doesn't live at the Sweet Dragon
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