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The Opera House is perhaps the largest building in the city and consists of a large floor area and high walls with private wing boxes and is lit by large chandeliers and wall sconces. Immediately in front of the stage is an orchestra pit, and behind the pit is an open area where audience members sit or stand, much like the groundlings in an Elizabethan-era theater. Behind them are the mid-ranged seats which consist of moderately comfortable chairs. The wing boxes are of course the most expensive and afford the best view of the stage.

Patrons are required to submit to a check of their belongings for offensive weaponry and magic items. Apparently only items that could cause harm are prohibited, while mundane, yet odd items (such as Greckles' grappling hook and 50' rope) are permissible. Guards use magic detecting wands to find items and then have specialists determine if they are permissible.

The Unexpectables first learned of the opera house when Borky received a handbill from Starlight about an opera she's in.

Named Characters Edit

  • Rufus Crumblebum was the backer of the production of The Phantom and the Soldier
  • Starlight plays Camilla in The Phantom and the Soldier.
  • Francis Beetlebee - the orchestra conductor.

Trivia Edit

  • Tickets for operas are sold at box offices attached to temples of Livrosea. There are three prices: 250 gold pieces for the ground, 500 for the "cushy seats" on the main floor, and 2500 for a box in the wings.
  • Rules:
    • No food or drink except water skins,
    • No weapons, they must be checked at the door,
    • No pets or familiars,
    • No smoking,
    • If you must leave during a show, leave your seat quietly,
    • Turn off all magic items,
    • No casting magic,
    • You must wear clothes and not smell.
    • If you create a disturbance or heckle the performers you will be escorted out and barred from the establishment.
  • The performers are available for signings after the first and last shows of the run.
  • Brorc Bronze-Fang was able to carry his weapons, as well as the guardsmen that accompanied him. It is unclear if the wing seats are exempt from the weapons restriction or if it was a special exception due to his station and the safety of the person with him.
  • Opera house security is not perfect. Taylor was able to climb in through a restroom window. And then there was the whole sky pirate attack, too.
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