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Ophelia is an employee at the Romansion. She is very professional and answers all questions honestly.

She has blonde hair done up in ringlets and wears a red velvet dress.

Relations Edit

The Unexpectables Edit

She greeted The Unexpectables at the door of the Romansion and described the facility and its services and presented them with the contracts to sign prior to receiving spa treatment.

Ophelia was nonplussed when Greckles asked if he could be nude during his spa treatment and she understood it was the custom in the Eastern Isles. She only asked that he cover up when in areas with other patrons not in his party.

She led Greckles and Panic up to the third floor of the Romansion when they expressed a desire to receive the specialty services offered there. She also explained to them that some of the masseuses are also available as escorts.

Trivia Edit

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