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Orchestra is a fiend who was trapped in Alivast by Material Plane Syndrome. She was originally summoned by Jozah Muhirad as a much more powerful extraplanar being called a cambion. Her role was to assist with the infiltration of Alivast's guard, including a disguise as Sebastian Strong in order to learn more about the city and The Unexpectables. They found her first, and after a heated fight, destroyed her material form. Due to Material Plane Syndrome, she was unable to return to her home plane to reform and was instead reformed into an imp, the lowest of devils. In her diminished stated she was intimidated into giving the party information in exchange for continued existence. In a further act of humiliation, she was forced to accept the name Panic gave her.

In exchange for selling out her previous master, she was the only one of Jozah's fiends allowed to live. Eventually she became Kay's Familiar.

Personality Edit

Orchestra fanart 2 by @theblindartist1

Orchestra fanart by @theblindartist1

As a cambion, Orchestra was capricious, confident, and very intelligent; capable of successfully keeping up the ruse of a person's life for some time. However, that confidence belied a very demonic fury that just barely hid under the surface.

Upon being demoted to an imp, she became much more frantic and skittish, knowing that if she died it would be permanent. She relaxed a little when she became Kay's familiar.

She is a pathetic creature, who remembers that she once held a position of much more power and influence in fiendish hierarchy, and is now reduced to a relatively impotent state. She seems despondent that she "sold out" her comrades but not enough to feel sorry about saving her own skin.

Relationships Edit

Orchestra fanart by @TysonDuster

Orchestra fanart by @TysonDuster

Jozah Muhirad Edit

Jozah is the being who summoned Orchestra to the Material Plane, possibly under the promise that it would lead to untold power. However, Orchestra was very low on his organizational totem pole, largely working as a guard of the Almon temple, and forcing her to work with a Demon, something a true Devil would never willingly stoop to.

The Unexpectables Edit

Orchestra fanart by @theblindartist1

Orchestra fanart by @theblindartist1

Orchestra faced the Unexpectables both as a stand-in for a friend, and in combat. She was extremely dangerous because even in combat she had the ability to control minds and se the party against each other. Once she realized her devolved state, she begged for her continued existence, especially after seeing how Remy dispatched her glabrezu superior's reborn quasit form. She reluctantly gave up all the information on the entire operation, though she kept saying she knew much less than the glabrezu she worked with. Task then took her and placed her in his bag as "evidence". Orchestra found herself having to act carefully as a captive because Remy wanted to kill her outright, Task sought to use her for information and intelligence, and even the devilish Panic reminded her of her inferior state by assigning her a new name.

Kay Edit

Kay helped The Unexpectables face Orchestra as a cambion, and at the end of the ordeal she asked if she could have Orchestra become her familiar. Kay's reasoning was that she could keep the tiny fiend out of trouble this way and have her provide some use to the city she once tried to destroy. Orchestra for her part seems to enjoy working for Kay much more than she did working for Jozah.

Trivia Edit

  • Orchestra used Sebastian Strong's form as a disguise for everyday life while as a cambion.
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