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"This is Oreyara. She's the construct goddess. She's the best!" ~ Log

"Oreyara's the tits!" ~ Random Dwarven Craftsman

Oreyara is the goddess of clockwork and time. From her were born constructs, clocks, jewelry, and any craft that is not architecture, smithing, art, or music. She came into being by the combined efforts of Livrosea and Groumuth.

According to a drawing by Log, she has four arms. Once she had wings, but she tore them from her body in order to form Gnash's prison.


Oreyara Interpretation - fanart by @RoSohryu

According to Log's big book of Oreyara, Livrosea and Groumuth were arguing over who would preside over the domain of craft because mortals were finally mastering it. Livrosea felt that craft fell under her as the goddess of art and beauty, whereas Groumuth felt that it should be his because it involved the work of the forge. They compromised and built Oreyara, a being of sublime beauty and intricate design that was the perfect mixture of Groumuth's engineering and Livrosea's beauty.

Oreyara Interpretation - fanart by @nikkitsquare

Oreyara gave shelter to Aos, a fragment of a dead god who embodied that being's domain over time. Through this association, she became the goddess of time.

Pictorial carvings in her temple near Balton village depicted her creation, her struggle with a giant creature that was a massive mound of teeth, fangs, and claws, and how it knocked her sword, the Time Cleaver down to earth. These carvings told the story of her conflict with Gnash, demon god of mindless destruction and slaughter. Their conflict reached a conclusion over the continent of Alivast and while the clockwork goddess was able to overcome and imprison Gnash, her sword was lost and she was gravely damaged and came crashing to earth.

She landed on the Mountain of Repetition, forming a massive crater from her impact. She was found by silver kobolds who repaired her, allowing her to once again ascend to her celestial realm.

Oreyara symbol fan art by @jackg576

Oreyara's constant effort to contain Gnash has cost her dearly because it takes so much of her divine power to constantly maintain his prison. Her direct contact with mortals was severed with the recent exception of mortal-built constructs who she hopes will aid her in reconnecting with the material plane. She also wants to grow in power so she can continue to keep Gnash contained by destroying his worship among material plane races.

According to Log she is growing and the Silver Kobolds were surprised that her voice could reach constructs in Alivast. As her worship increases, so does her ability to interact with mortals.


Oreyara's physical form is that of a giant construct with a female appearance. Her body is crafted with divine intricacy from precious metals, and adorned with stained-glass ornamentation of precious gems. Close inspection reveals that her very "skin" is a network of interlocking gears all turning in perfect harmony. Her regular form is nearly beyond human comprehension in size as a continent-sized titan. To interact with mortals in her own realm, she will reduce her size to a more human scale.

Oreyara's Realm[]

Oreyara's realm is a boundless expanse devoid of any ground or sky and filled with a gentle, sourceless amber light. The human rules of the universe such as time, gravity, and momentum don't always function as expected, and are often localized phenomenon. While there is no earth or sky, there are massive constructions of springs, gears, clockwork, and other intricate devices that exist in space without a surface to support them. On these titanic forms are myriad workshops, assembly lines, all filled with modrons and other celestial constructs endlessly crafting and constructing according to Oreyara's divine will.

There are subsections to Oreyara's plane, but it is unknown if they are connected in a conventional physical sense or if magic is required to move between them.

The Great Cube[]

A mountain-sized cube of metal floating in the amber-lit space of the realm. When The Unexpectables first entered Oreyara's realm, it was the first solid feature they saw. They entered it through an iris opening on one side and in it found a clock and riddle. Adjusting the hands on the clock had a real effect on the ages of their physical bodies progressing or regressing them in years. Upon solving the puzzle, the metal panels of the cube fell away and they were transported to the Assembly Line.

The Assembly Line[]

The flat helix of a spring the size of a city has one of innumerable assembly lines where uncountable lines of modrons craft intricate machinery or items of great beauty. They build celestial constructs, clocks, tools, and components of unknown purpose, but also carve diamonds the size of ogres with precision unobtainable by mortals. Massive chains are forged with links the size of battleships that stretch into infinity. Despite the scale of their labors, everything created possesses intricate and ornate details.

Forest of Clocks[]

One of these subsections is the Forest of Clocks where Aos dwells. This region is an infinite flat plane of silver that is completely featureless except for countless grandfather clocks. No two of the clocks are alike, and all display an unearthly craftsmanship that is impossible for mortal hands. None of the clocks keep the same time, and some run fast, slow, backwards or appear motionless. There are some clocks that have been destroyed, randomly distributed among the working ones. Some have been smashed, snapped in half, damaged by water, or even overgrown with moss.


All celestials of Oreyara are constructs, but not all constructs are celestials. Oreyara's home plane is a landscape of gears and clockwork, and among it's residents are modrons as well as a variety of other constructs.


Oreyara's highest servants, crafted in her image. Originally there were only nine of them, but 24 have been constructed over the eons.


Oreyara's "enforcers" and vanguard. These massive constructs are sometimes built for other gods to use. There are many more, but the original 34 were instrumental in her fight against Gnash.


The Seelbeens are the original proto-modrons created by Oreyara. The original 47 forged the first bindings of Gnash, and the current modrons are the innumerable soldiers and laborers who ceaselessly and tirelessly carry out their goddess' will.


A Sigdsaw is a type of celestial which is a being constructed mainly out of whirling buzzsaw blades. They are tasked with gathering wood for crafting and dealing with overgrowth. One was summoned by Log to help The Unexpectables escape Fleur de Mort

Steel Predator[]

The Unexpectables had a near-fatal encounter with an unfinished and corrupted version and witnessed a perfected one being constructed in Oreyara's realm.

Corrupted Celestials[]

Several celestials and non-sentient material plane constructs of Oreyara have been corrupted by the influence of Gnash, turning them into mindless killing machines. These corrupted constructs leak a bloodlike ichor and teeth when damaged. If disassembled, it is obvious that they have teeth and ichor in internal spaces like tumors.

Fortunately, these corrupted constructs are few in number and only found in the Mountain of Repetition where the battle between gods reached its climax. Their connection to Oreyara has been severed and they are doomed to wander and kill until they are destroyed. This corruption is largely due to the continued and active Gnash worship of the Blood Axes. Oreyara desires for their worship to cease before it grows into a larger problem.


Oreyara fan art by @JefferyComstoc2

Oreyara regards all sentient constructs with a maternal affection. She has given them freedom of will with the intent to allow them to learn and grow because she is incapable of growing beyond the limits of her own creation. She delights in the names they adopt for themselves, and how they choose to live their lives. While she would prefer that they listen to her voice and worship her, she understands that not all want to, and allows them to find their own way. The construct Might Crank is an example of one that chose to devote himself to Vetrion over her, and while this decision pained her, she respected it and allowed him to choose his own path.


At some point in recent history, Oreyara began 'speaking' to constructs in Alivast. When they heard her voice they awakened to sentience and found a particular calling or purpose that they felt driven to fulfill. This "Drive" is usually phrased in a way that reflects creating something, like 'make horseshoes'. but the creation can be immaterial like 'poetry' or even conceptual like 'love'. In Alivast, many, if not all the constructs created by Artimus have heard her voice and have begun new lives trying to fulfill their new callings regardless of what their physical designs were intended to do.

Mountain of Repetition[]

The kobolds of The Seat build constructs as an act of worship to Oreyara, often building them at her specific direction. The constructs there can communicate directly with her, receiving commands and answers to queries. They exist to carry out her wishes and do so gladly.

Clergy and Followers[]

Oreyara Symbol fan art by Deedah

The clergy of Oreyara are few in number. Her temples consist mainly of craftsman worshipers who make clocks and other devices. Actual clerics of the clockwork goddess are rare.

Named Followers[]

  • Obby - The little construct is a cleric of the goddess.
  • Margo
  • Construct 4 (Log) - Oreyara adores Log and treats him with never ending patience. His childlike love for her and wonder at the world delights her.
  • Big Guy
  • The "Fan Club" - a small collective of worshipers/craftsmen in Alivast.
  • Gear - a construct paladin of Oreyara played in a private one-shot by @nutcaseart and mentioned in the main campaign.
  • Due to the personal nature of hearing Oreyara's voice, all awakened constructs could be considered followers to some extent.
  • Dwarves have a strong appreciation for Oreyara due to her association with Groumuth and much of their work.

The Grand Tinkerist[]

The "fan club" is an unofficial term for a group of Oreyara followers who inhabit a jewelry workshop in the crafting district of Alivast. They consist of 3 gnomes, an elf, and a human who is a "Grand Tinkerist" of Oreyara (a powerful forge domain cleric) who crafts jewelry and music boxes. The Grand Tinkerist was first encountered when he sold the music box that Panic gave Willow and Doros as a wedding present. He is reportedly from Balton Village prior to coming to Alivast. He is very patient with constructs, educating any who are interested in the jeweler's craft.

The "Silver" Kobolds[]

When Oreyara fell to earth, the kobolds of the Silver Mountains recognized her as a powerful being and immediately began to worship her without question. She gave them a sacred text which contained instructions on how to create constructs. For the kobolds, the assembly-line manufacture of constructs, clocks, and giant mechanical dragons is an act of worship and devotion to their goddess, and they gladly take on new projects when Oreyara commands. They have been content with their hermit-artisan lifestyle for centuries, but Oreyara wants them to get out more.


  • Per a Q&A answer from MontyGlu, prosthetic limbs exist in the world and are more in Groumuth's domain than Oreyara's. They are also exceedingly expensive.
  • Her suggested cleric domains are Forge and Knowledge
  • In episode 39 / Podcast 27, Log revealed that Oreyara also has dominion over time, a domain she absorbed from a dead god.
  • Oreyara has a very amicable relationship with Ydia and hopes their followers can as well.
  • She archives Log's crayon drawings of them together using a sophisticated arrangement of a massive metal monolith and magnets that hold the paper to it.