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"This is Oreyara. She's the construct goddess. She's the best!" ~ Log

"Oreyara's the tits!" ~ Random Dwarven Craftsman
Oreyara Symbol fan art by Deedah

Oreyara Symbol fan art by Deedah

Oreyara symbol fan art by @jackg576

Oreyara symbol fan art by @jackg576

Oreyara fanart by @nikkitsquare

Oreyara Interpretation - fanart by @nikkitsquare

Oreyara is the goddess of clockwork. From her were born constructs, clocks, jewelry, and any craft that is not architecture, smithing, art, or music. She came into being by the combined efforts of Livrosea and Groumuth. According to Log's big book of Oreyara, the two gods were fighting over who would preside over the domain of craft because mortals were finally mastering it. Livrosea felt that craft fell under her as the goddess of art and beauty, whereas Groumuth felt that it should be his because it involved the work of the forge. They compromised and built Oreyara, a being of sublime beauty and intricate design that was the perfect mixture of Groumuth's engineering and Livrosea's beauty.

According to a drawing by Log, she has four arms.

Pictorial carvings in her temple near Balton village depicted her creation, her struggle with a giant creature that was a massive mound of teeth, fangs, and claws, and how it knocked her sword, the Time Cleaver down to earth.

In episode 39 / Podcast 27, Log revealed that Oreyara also has dominion over time, a domain she absorbed from a dead god.

At some point in recent history, Oreyara began 'speaking' to constructs. When they heard her voice they awakened to sentience and found a particular calling or purpose that they felt driven to fulfill. This "Drive" is usually phrased in a way that reflects creating something, like 'make horseshoes'. but the creation can be immaterial like 'poetry' or even conceptual like 'love'. In Alivast, many, if not all the constructs created by Artimus have heard her voice and have begun new lives trying to fulfill their new callings.

The clergy of Oreyara are few in number. Her temples consist mainly of craftsman worshipers who make clocks and other devices. Actual clerics of the clockwork goddess are rare.

According to Log she is "growing." The significance of this is yet to be revealed.

Oreyara Interpretation - fanart by @RoSohryu

Oreyara Interpretation - fanart by @RoSohryu

Oreyara fan art by @JefferyComstoc2

Oreyara fan art by @JefferyComstoc2

Named Followers Edit

  • Margo
  • Construct 4 (Log)
  • Due to the personal nature of hearing Oreyara's voice, all awakened constructs could be considered followers to some extent.
  • Dwarves have a strong appreciation for Oreyara due to her association with Groumuth and much of their work.

Trivia Edit

  • Per a Q&A answer from MontyGlu, prosthetic limbs exist in the world and are more in Groumuth's domain than Oreyara's. They are also exceedingly expensive.
  • Her suggested cleric domains are Forge and Knowledge
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