Background Edit

The Orthoc Temple is located in Alivast's Lower District. It has two carved wooden statues of dragons that flank its entrance. The statues are unpainted and not representative of any specific type of dragon which allows the viewer to see them as symbolic of all dragons.

Inside the temple, instead of an altar is a massive mirror set in a wooden frame carved in the shape of a winding dragon.

Notable Individuals Edit

The clergy and worshipers of Orthoc are primarily dragonborn but also include humans and members of other races.

Athena Edit

A Gold Dragonborn paladin hired by the Unexpectables to purify the necrotic energy remaining in The Sweet Dragon that appeared around the beginning of winter. She takes care of much of the day-to-day operations of the temple and is the daughter of Tranquilisaint.

Tranquilisaint Edit

"Dragons are the best and worst of all things, and in some ways, that's amazing."

A large, elderly Gold Dragonborn with intense scars on his left side including a missing eye, horn, and nails ripped from his fingers. He wears simple beige robes. Task first meets him as the priest is meditating in the temple. Tranquilisaint recognizes Task as being from Iron Oath and has a great deal of knowledge and wisdom about kobolds. He informs Task of Tarusk's true nature as a spirit ripped from another plane and bound to the Whistle of the Scale Guard. Tranquilisaint is calm and serene, and as he meditates he chants a mantra of "I am humbled" over and over in draconic.

Trivia Edit

  • Tranquilisaint told Task that in the beginning, dragons were gods, and there was only one of each type of dragon.
  • The temple has holy water for the public to use and will give out quantities within reason if someone presents an appropriate reason.
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